Alidropship vs dropazz


Recall that in our last publication, we discussed about what Dropshipping is all about and how to start your Online Business in 30 minutes.

Alidropship vs dropazz
Alidropship vs dropazz

However, if this is your first time of visiting the blog section of Dropazz, you shouldn’t feel uneasy or left out. For your benefit, Dropshipping is an e-commerce or online store fulfilment practice where an online store doesn’t physically stock product it sells or tend to sell within a building or warehouse. This means that the online store or owner does not need to handle the product directly. [To read more on this, please click here].

In this resource, you will learn of the Differences or/and similarities between Alidropship and Dropazz [Alidropship vs Dropazz]. It is absolutely important you know this before making your decision on which to choose for your Dropshipping need or online store.

To justify the topic; Alidropship vs Dropazz, we will be looking into:

  • The Cost
  • Domain Linking
  • Woocommerce Compatibility
  • Chrome Extension Availability
  • Store Durability
  • Local Dropshipping Software (LDS) Availability
  • Sales

The Cost

One of the important things online entrepreneurs or store owners consider while choosing an Online service is its cost and pattern of payment. ALIDROPSHIP costs $89 [equivalent to N35,600] to have access to their plugin and doesn’t allow part payment nor trial, whereas DROPAZZ cost N8,500 or N12,999 monthly.

After purchasing the ALIDROPSHIP plugin, you are also required to make extra payments in order to import products or/and gain access to extra products. But, in DROPAZZ, there’s nothing of that nature, you are only required to make your monthly payment which covers everything, thereby making importing of products absolutely free (with nothing like extras). DROPAZZ offers handpicked hot selling items one can import and start making huge sales.

Domain Linking

Both ALIDROPSHIP and DROPAZZ require you to purchase a domain name and hosting plan. Everything needed for your store to be up and running starting from wonderful templates are provided for you. This “may” cost you extra charges on Alidropship, but absolutely free on Dropazz.

Woocommerce Compatibility

In ALIDROPSHIP, once the plugin is installed, store integration with woocommerce becomes impossible as the plugin doesn’t work with woocommerce (this means that if you already had woocommerce before installing Alidropship plugin, it would disappear after installing and activating Alidropship). This makes it impossible for online stores to enjoy the unavoidable benefits or features of Woocommerce e.g Coupons etc.

However, in DROPAZZ, everything works perfectly well as one operating with Dropazz is able to enjoy the 100% features offered by Woocommerce.

Chrome Extension Availability

Both have Chrome Extension that can allow online businesses or stores to directly import products to their online stores/dashboards.

Store Durability

In ALIDROPSHIP, once the plugin or theme is deactivated, your online store disappears, this is because your store is hosted internally on Alidropship, whereas, in DROPAZZ, your store is hosted externally, giving you complete control of your store, so it remains active even after plugin or theme deactivation.

Local Dropshipping Software (LDS) Availability

As an African, Ghanaian, South African or any other country citizen, you can dropship locally within the circle of your state, this means that Dropazz has found away to link with Producers, Wholesalers, Retailers that sell at a competitive price enough for dropshippers to Make exciting/huge profits and even sell cheaper than Jumia. This feature is lacked on Alidropship and active on Dropazz.


Making Sales is above automation, resulting in frequent advertising of products and services. This is why Dropazz introduced a training tagged “BIC — Billionaire Internet Citizens” which aids online store owners learn the basic necessities, patience-level, working principles and many other trainings to apply in order to make huge sales [you get all training free of charge]. Unfortunately, this feature or training is absent on Alidropship.

More so, on Dropazz, your income or earnings are deposited directly into your local bank account(s), resulting to no need for fear of foreign exchange rates or fluctuations.

We believe that this comparison — Alidropship vs Dropazz would assist you in making a better decision as to which one is better for your online enterprise. To get the video version of this resource, click HERE and to get started on Dropazz, please click HERE.