6 Dropshipping Myths That Must Be Debunked For Good

6 Dropshipping Myths That Must Be Debunked For Good

There are various myths about dropshipping out there. Such dropshipping myths can leave people feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and disappointed once they take action.

6 Dropshipping Myths That Must Be Debunked For Good
6 Dropshipping Myths That Must Be Debunked For Good

In this resource, we’re going to debunk the dropshipping myths and lay out all the facts so that you know what you’re actually diving into. So lets see if dropshipping is a better choice for you.

The 6 Dropshipping Myths You Need To Debunk

You’ll Get Rich Quick With Dropshipping

The most common dropshipping myth is that you’ll get rich quick. There are various YouTubers making false promises so that they can sell you their course, earn affiliate commissions, and make money off of you. Not getting any results from their overhyped tactics is one of the reasons why people leave or quit dropshipping. Here, at dropazz, all of our content [even our best stuff] is totally free. Reason? Because we want you to succeed.

Dropshipping enables you to live comfortable lives, but you may not become millionaires doing it. Though a hard-working few do.

Everyone Succeeds In Dropshipping

It’s valid that anyone can launch a dropshipping business. However, it takes an exceptional type of person to succeed doing it. There’s certainly an underlying personality trait difference between the success stories and failure stories too. Those who succeed focused on the process rather than the outcome of their success. By focusing on the process, you will patiently take the time to experiment, try different dropshipping tips, and test various items. But, if you’re outcome-focused, you’ll be wildly disappointed when your first few ads fail, which will lead you to giving up before the process-focused folks.

Nevertheless, if you must succeed as a dropshipper, quit obsessing over your lack of money. You need to have a clear mind to make great decisions so you can make money online. Your negative self-talk may actually be what pushes you further away from what you’re trying to accomplish.

No One Purchases From Unknown Dropshipping Stores

Questions like “Why would someone purchase from me when they’ve never even heard of my brand?” are dropshipping FAQs we often hear from potential dropshippers. Well, they would buy from you because they saw a product on your website and want to make a purchase.

You should know that what you put up for sell is far more important than who is selling it. No one thinks twice about the seller, all they want is to get the product they saw promoted.

Dropshipping Requires Facebook Ads Knowledge

A common dropshipping myth is that you need to be a Facebook advertising expert. That’s not really true, as there are other social media platforms from where you could channel your product adverts.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can promote your business on Pinterest for free by including your own photos to the website. Pinterest tends to group similar looking photos together so avoid making use of item photos you never took, free stock photos, or the exact Canva template with no further modifications. By having your own custom photos, you can drag more customers without your competitors pictures showing up.

More so, you could also earn money on Instagram by uploading product pictures and using relevant hashtags so people can find your product and gain Instagram followers.

However, the best and biggest strategy to make sales for free is by writing SEO optimized contents on your website. You probably won’t be able to optimize most individual product pages. But, with a niche blog on your website you can attract relevant visitors who may buy your products or subscribe to your email list so you can remarket to them.

Therefore, while Facebook can aid you in making quick sales on your store, there are few other options that are just as impactful and more cost-effective.

Dropshipping Is Dead

Dropshipping is a business model, not a fad. It has been in existence for ages and isn’t going anywhere. Dropshipping, as in Dropazz may change, people may discover other platforms where they may see trending products to sell online.

However, dropshipping itself is simply a business model where you could offer goods to a consumer while the manufacturer stores, packages, and ships to your customers on your behalf. Why is this business model sure to last? The cost of buying bulk inventory is too high for new entrepreneurs.

Therefore, dropshipping is a more safer and cost-efficient way to run a business. Hence, the startup costs are more attractive to entrepreneurs, and more enticing for manufacturers.

Dropshipping Is Simple

A popular dropshipping myth is that if you build a store and create a single ad, customers will flock to your store. Oh no, it doesn’t go that way.

The more effort you put into selecting your items, designing your store, and marketing products to customers, the more money you will earn in a long-term. People mistakenly think that it’s simple because they see the end result. Well, before the big payday, there’s months of experimentation, failure, more experimentation, and more failure that you’re not seeing.


Dropshipping is a great online money-making strategy. However, it involves hard work and patience. Finally, the more you experiment the closer you would get to attaining your own success. It won’t be simple, and there’ll be a lot for you to learn. But, dropshipping is here to stay. And with the ability to sell from anywhere around the world to every part of the world, you could discover great items that customers are quite excited to purchase.