6 Ways To Minimize Abandoned Cart In Your Dropshipping Store

6 Ways To Minimize Abandoned Cart In Your Dropshipping Store

Abandoned shopping carts aren’t new to any e-commerce brand owner. Only to quit just before placing an order, consumers surf through the shop and stock up on things they’re interested in.

6 Ways To Minimize Abandoned Cart In Your Dropshipping Store
6 Ways To Minimize Abandoned Cart In Your Dropshipping Store

Surveys show that close to 70 percent of sales are left incomplete. Well, even if you are adamant about that amount, odds are, you’re actually going to lose more money than you thought.

However, if you’re eager to learn the ways to minimize abandoned carts in your dropshipping store (i.e if not all), then you’re lucky today.

In this resource, you would learn the 6 ways to minimize abandoned carts in your Dropshipping store. Without wasting time, lets get started!

Minimize Shipping Price Shock

The first reason intending customers leave their shopping carts is the issue of expensive shipping costs. And, given the fact that business giants like Dropazz are spoiling their customers with fast and inexpensive shipping rates for each order, it’s not that shocking.

Inasmuch as this is a wonderful news for clients, small-scale dealers like you may have to discover how to meet shoppers’ desires.

Whichever way, someone must pay for postage at the end of the day, therefore we suggest the following;

Add delivery charges to a product’s price and use free shipping as one of the store’s key selling points.

Build Trust With Safe Payment Options

You will agree with us that you will never give a stranger your wallet over. But why would you want someone to fork over their payment details online to a store they have never for once visited?

Consumers are often hesitant about who to trust and which businesses to order from.

This is why confidentiality and openness are vital to the success of your e-commerce sector. The second largest reason why customers abandon carts before checkout is payment protection. Shoppers need the assurance that their personal records will not be endangered and that down the line; there will be no unexpected expenses.

In order to your consumers that it’s safe to order from you, install confidence badges and payment provider icons on your website.

In addition, customers are more likely to invest more online on stores that they can trust, therefore showing consumer feedback is a bonus strategy for building trust. Clients so much trust in stores on which others have shopped.

Create An Exit-intent Strategy

The best products and promotions are always on the search for online shoppers. Therefore, it makes sense for others to add a product to their shopping cart, only to discover that they want more testing to be done. This is why it’s however, crucial to have an exit-intent plan.

In e-commerce, an exit strategy is about supplying a customer with a bit of value as they want to abandon the platform. We would call such popups with exit-intent. So, they include providing:

  • Contests or chances to win with prizes
  • Discounts
  • Downloadable content
  • Free shipping offers
  • Care of what customers are looking at and how they should stay with you. On any page of your store, you don’t need to introduce an escape purpose popup, but seriously work towards applying it to:
  1. Check out pages
  2. Product pages
  3. Category pages

Offer Reliable Customer Service

Another big reason shopping carts are abandoned by customers is poor customer service (most times, the absence of of it).

It is conceivable that the order could not be done by shoppers because there was a logistical error. Or they may have had concerns about the products, distribution, or refund policy.

Be sure to let your client know that when they need you the most, your store is always available. Furthermore, never should it skip your mind that many clients try to hookup via various networks with firms, which is why there should be many options to get in touch with you.

The most common channels among online shoppers for communication purpose are:

  1. Email
  2. Phone
  3. Social media DMs
  4. Live Chat
  5. Social media comments
  6. FAQ page

Send Abandoned Cart Emails

If a customer or potential customer has registered to your online shop and has created an account, you can often reach out to them via email.

To send cart abandonment emails to consumers who have left their orders incomplete, you can make use of email automation services. For Dropazz, we use GetResponse. Whichever email automation service you decide to use, just know that it’s another chance to advertise the products and remind buyers of the purchase they have left behind.

Use Retargeting Ads To Bring Customers Back

Again, what If the consumer abandoned your online store or did not open the cart abandonment text? Well, it is not yet over. By using retargeting marketing, you can still hit them, this time, even harder!

In case you don’t understand how retargeting advertising works, keep reading as we will quickly clarify you on that.

While you might be at work, someone is on your website, struggling to order your product or service. Then the manager and the potential customer desperately shut their window tab out of nowhere-boom-in walks. It happens all the time.

Now, when such happens, how can you get back the shopper? By utilizing commercials for retargeting.

Retargeting uses cookies to watch the websites you access, which are website data saved in your browser. Therefore, before placing an order, once a customer leaves the store checkout, you can show them tailored advertisements reminding them to order your items.

On Instagram, Google and Facebook, retargeted advertisements are often used. Based on individual page views, location, and the volume of sessions, they target and segment users.

With these 6 effective strategies, you can actually minimize abandoned carts in your dropshipping store. Are there other ways of reducing abandoned carts that you’ve tried and it worked for you? If yes, then please feel free to let us know via the comment section. We will be waiting.