7 Ways To Enhance Your Online Store User Experience

7 Ways To Enhance Your Online Store User Experience

As methodologies and technologies continue to emanate, online stores, web applications and websites have further become rapidly sophisticated. How? What was previously a static medium or one-way thing has now developed into a highly interactive and rich interactive experience.

7 Ways To Enhance Your Online Store User Experience
7 Ways To Enhance Your Online Store User Experience

Regardless of how deep change might have occurred, a valuable segment of your store’s success rovers on few basic things, which include how users perceive it, how your site offer value to them or/and how easy and pleasant it is to use

UX design improves the satisfaction of users by enhancing the accessibility, usability and efficiency of user engagement on your online store. It’s however important to bear in mind that visitors can make split-second decisions based on different design elements.

7 Ways to Improve Your Store User Experience:

The following are the 7 top ways to ensure that your online store ranks high on search engine results:

Root For A Clear And Concise Navigation Throughout Your Store

Your store’s navigation is your user guide to your top-visited pages and products. Having considered that, it’s expected of you to ensure you use common language for your headings.

Furthermore, it’s recommended that you don’t offer too many options as you might overwhelm your potential customers. While there’s no set number you can use, it is however ideal to keep it within the three to seven range.

Use Captivating Call-To-Action (CTA) Words/Button

Customers navigate your online store via the visual cues that move them from a piece of content to another. Calls to action (CTA) use active words and bold buttons to assist customers navigate your store. CTAs are further used to encourage them to go for the next action.

However, while creating your store CTA buttons, consider the impact of colours on user psychology. Colour psychology includes using various hues to activate different feelings and results from your online store audience.

It is crucial to note that the more actionable, emotive and time-sensitive your CTA is, the higher your conversions.

Write Targeted Headlines

Your headlines must be congruent with what your store target audience is in search of. So, it’s quite ideal to use keyphrases or keywords that you’re targeting in your titles. This strategy would enable you in attracting the right audience, facilitating browsing, hence, encouraging more content consumption.

Enhance Your Store’s Page Speed

When your potential customers visit your online store, they expect or desire a speedy and seamless store experience. This is to say that Pages that load within 1 to 2 seconds have greater conversion rates than those that take long to load.

At least 40 percent (40%) of visitors exit a site or store that requires more than 3 seconds to load (sourceā€“Econsultancy). With mobile usage now becoming more prevalent, users expect sites to load faster.

For surety, since a slow loading site can prevent an otherwise fluid browsing, expect more user to exit your online store before they even get the chance to explore your store or discover the product or services you’re providing.

What to do? It’s quite simple; use the free services Google offer to assess your mobile and store speed. More so, you could find countless strategies to enhance page load time for mobile and desktop online.

Use Unique, Original Pictures

Graphic or Visual content is crucial to a lot of people. As gathered from MDG Advertising, close to 67% of consumers consider quality and unique images important in their online purchase decision.

Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid using stock or generic photography.

The right use of unique pictures can enable you offer a satisfactory or/and unique web experience your online store users crave for.

Use Hyperlink Differentiation

As you include a link to a page, you are indirectly encouraging your online store visitors to click on such link. Therefore, it would be best to make sure that your links are quickly identifiable via visual cues. Differently colored and underlined texts could further effectively drag attention to the link you want your users to click.

Be Conscious Of Your 404s

Inasmuch as one do not suffer a penalty by search engines for soft 404 or page not found errors, your store visitors might not overlook or understand. When a store user clicks on an image or link, they expect to be directed to the next place they desire to go.

In addition, a 404 error page wouldn’t only frustrate your store users, however it may further annoy them.


Your store visitors expect a rewarding, quick, and seamless user experience each time they visit. So, it’s important that you design your site to ensure they know where to head to, identify what they’re searching for and complete transactions without a challenge.