Hello great Billionaire Internet Citizens (BICs), we are glad to launch this new feature of advertising marketplace for all users of dropazz. At the same level of enthusiasm we will do our best to protect your interest as business hiring an advertiser and as well interest of advertisers.

We go a long way to scrutinize advertisers before they are listed. But, no matter the scrutiny, your experiences will defer when relating and doing business with each other. This is why, on the financial side, we can do our best to make it completely painless, while you take pride to service a business right and a business provide quality information to advertisers.

To give you powers over your business spending online and dealings as regards hiring or be hired comes this set of important points on the part of payment and control of your budget.


You can control your advert budget in two ways

  1. Controlling Advert Budget By Yourself (Recommended)

You can create a virtual card through barter by flutterwave and fund the card with exact amount you want the advertiser to spend on daily basis.

If advertiser is using his Ad account/Business manager: Send the card information to the advertiser while contacting the advertiser. We recommend you start with at most N5,000 for a campaign for 5 days. Then you gradually increase budget.

If Your business manager account or Ad account is to be used for the advert: Add the card to your business account and set limit of your choice. With this, you only give the advertiser “ADVERTIZING PRIVILEDGES” through your business manager and the advertiser will be able to use the budget as you want without having access to the funds.

Monitor your advert and charges from your Facebook account and barter account when the advertiser runs and manages your account. You can equally control the spending limits through your Facebook account. To do that click BILLING, then click PAYMENT SETTINGS. Add limits.

2. Advert Budget Controlled By Admin:

You take this option when Facebook limits your advertising access on Facebook account level, or your business mangers are lost to facebook spam or policy check. This is your next bet.

First, you are hiring the advertiser to not just use his Facebook account but as well his Ad account and business manager. For this reason you need to create a page on your account and add the advertiser to the page as admin or advertiser.

The advertiser uses your page to run the adverts, so that you can answer questions or see reactions on your campaigns when delivering.


For advert or other costs of job delivery efficiency, we provide a virtual credit card facility through barter by flutterwave, and fund your advertising amount or costs of job delivery (not service charge), to the barter card. And the card is automatically provided to the advertiser to run the adverts on your behalf according to your needs. The service charge for the advertiser is 100% refundable if advertiser did not run the advert at all or ran an Ad skipping a Day, you have to let us know this before accepting job delivery or accepting that a job/gig is delivered.

An advertiser submits day to day report of the Ad delivery after the final day of advert. Because the advertiser is an expert advertiser, he reserves the rights to modify and creatively change adverts for better performances.

Extra Charges:

Barter virtual credit cards cost minimum of $2.

Consider this extra charge and check exchange rates on barter app. Do not use google exchange rates. Add the cost to your budget before paying the advertiser.


All rates on advertisers or businesses are at this moment calculated at N450 per dollar. That means when you are paying for an Ad with budget of $100. You will be prompted to pay N45,000 (forty five thousand naira only), plus add service charge and barter charges if admin is taking care of the process of Ad Budget payment of your Ad. We don’t charge for this service.


Admin can refund advertiser’s fee to business owner, and costs of REMAINING advert budget if there’s a particular day skipped or advert not delivered at all by advertiser.

Refunds are not processed by outcomes or results expectation of business. This is because online advertising channels do not provide guarantee of results no matter how much an advertiser spend on advert. But you are counting on the advertiser expertise to produce result.


We recommend you measure your results for a start by leads and not by sales. This will help you understand better how customer acquisition works online and how to nurture leads for better future business.

Make sure you have your email marketing, funnels and website pages with sales strategies completely set before hiring an advertiser.

You can hire us to get your complete store, funnel done for you in at most 5 days if you have not done so according to the training and do not have the time, send whatsapp message for it +2348129182076.