Frequently asked questions

Dropazz is a web application that helps users find hot selling products, import to their built store with our available training and tools. It equally help you auto fulfill orders, pricing and many more.

Every viable online business require a laptop. Not withstanding you can use your phone to get started, but when it is time to set up your store you need a laptop or desktop

You will immediately be redirected to Create your account then you login to enjoy it all

YES, which you are learning how to create too with our training and tools in at most 4 days.

It depends on your income expection and level of work you are willing to put in and time dedication too. All things been equal you will spend 10% of any amount you make 


Use the below:

You can use USSD by paystack right on the dashboard too. 

Call or whatsapp: +2348129182076 after transfer for verification and your password

YES YOU CAN. Feel Free To cancel Your Subscription At Will

YES. We are not just teaching you but giving you tools that you can use to implement it all, some of the tools are premium, but we are giving you for free. And if you do wish we do it all for you, after payment, you will see a page for tht in our member area. THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE ACCESS TO DROPSHIPPING CONQUEST.

In that case, why is Bill Gates not giving his best selling books for free even though he is a billionaire? Or Dangote give his product for free since he is already making billions?

Business opportunities are not meant for less privileged people.

Understand the difference between business opportunities and philanthropic works…

This reaching you already is a privilege millions to billions of people are yet to see, IT COSTS US LOTS OF MONEY TO MAKE IT REACH YOU.

If you are a less privilege no problem wait for the days of philanthropy.

When it comes to online payment in Nigeria paystack is the best and most secured payment processor, used by Government and top big companies in Nigeria like; MTN, SMILE COMMUNICATIONS, GLO, ETC… The same paystack is what you are paying us through. So for sure, your card is 100% safe and secured. USE THE FORM BELOW TO PAY ONLINE IN AT MOST 2 MINUTES: