Dropshippers' Guide—Facebook Ads Not Working_Try This

Dropshippers’ Guide: Facebook Ads Not Working? Try This

Every e-commerce store owner must have tried using Facebook advertisement to push traffic to his/her dropshipping store. The truth remains that some of these e-commerce store owners succeed with Facebook Ads, whereas some do not.

Dropshippers' Guide—Facebook Ads Not Working_Try This
Dropshippers’ Guide — Facebook Ads Not Working? Try This
When your Facebook Ads isn’t working for you, what do you do next? It’s simple, Stop it!

We’ve come across numerous contents on Facebook over the past few months from dropshipping beginners who are not capable of making money by pumping Facebook Advertisement to their online stores.

Inasmuch as Facebook advertisements aren’t new, you would notice struggle and depression by many eCommerce newbie groups trying to make the most out of their Facebook Ads.

In this resource in Dropazz, we would be explaining to you why your Facebook advertisements aren’t converting, and furthermore offer you a strategy that will provide you with better results, if not now, then later.

The major challenge why your Facebook isn’t converting is pointing to the fact that when people are on Facebook, they aren’t specifically seeking to purchase products. Therefore, when they view your Facebook ads in their feed, they might be interested in your item but without the intent to purchase.

More so, If you are getting traffic [void of sales] to your site from your Facebook advertisements, then you need to try a traffic source with greater buying intent.

Traffic With Purchase Intent

To get traffic that will definitely convert, use Google Product Listing Ads. Using Google Product Listing Ads, when people click your ads and visit your store, they’ve got a greater purchase intent. They are trying to purchase something and are actively searching for products. They are actually a warm lead that is ready to convert, meaning that when they click your advertisement, they are way more likely to buy from you.

Moreover, using Facebook ads, you are targeting based on general interest instead of intent (i.e a cold audience that are not ready to make any purchase).

Whereas Google ads are targeted with intent and are only found by audiences looking to take action as fast as possible.

To get started with Google Product Listing Ads, just look up for it on Google Merchant Center. Most importantly, It is free, but you will have to create a Google Merchant Center account.

In addition, You will have to create a Google AdWords account because that is the only channel through which you can fund your Google ads.

Certainly, if you’re selling your dropshipping products within Google’s guidelines you’re going to get you a much better ROI (Return On Investment) than with Facebook ads.

Google Product Listing

Furthermore, with Google PLAS, it would be much easier to learn what works and become a better business owner while actually making some sales. When you have some experience under your belt and your Google PLAs are bringing in customers, then you might consider using Facebook ads.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of facebook Ads shouldn’t be questioned as it is the best when your goal is to capture leads. With well-targeted ads and good email sequences, you could actually generate bigger revenue.

Using Facebook ads for your dropshipping store is the next step for your business, however you should first focus on your Google PLAs. Stick with the traffic source that has the highest intent and brings in customers that are eager to buy.