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Frequently asked questions

Dropshipping is about selling products you don’t actually, stock nor ship to customers and you make profits in dollars. That is no actual capital for the business.

Your job is to sell and keep 100% profit. Whenever a customer buy from you, you remove your profit and use the customer’s money to buy the item for the customer who is in USA, or any country of your choice. 

Just pick any amount of your choice and be ready to work hard. Start with $1,000 (#450,000)

Yes, for sure. It is exactly the business model amazon, ebay, aliexpress, jumia etc use to make billions.

Dropazz is a web application that helps users find hot selling products, import to their built store with our available training and tools. It equally help you auto fulfill orders, pricing and many more.

Every viable online business require a laptop. Not withstanding you can use your phone to get started, but when it is time to set up your store you need a laptop or desktop

YES, which dropazz provides for you, and you are learning how to create too with our training and tools in at most 1 hour BECAUSE IT IS AUTOMATED SOFTWARE.

YES… In affiliate marketing a fixed price is given to you by the product or service owner, you are paid in commission if you sell the item. IN Dropshipping you decide the price you want to sell. and keep 100% of your profit. And don’t forget the products are on wholesale prices.

All product ranging from shoes, bags, cloths, cars, phone accessories and many more. You drop ship them and earn in dollars without capital.

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