Dropshipping With Stripe: Basic Things To Know

Dropshipping With Stripe: Basic Things To Know

Have you ever thought whether dropshipping with Stripe is a perfect fit for you? Or if it’s Accepted?

Dropshipping With Stripe: Basic Things To Know
Dropshipping With Stripe: Basic Things To Know

If you’ve ever done, then you have come to the right place!

To begin with, what is “Stripe”?

Stripe is a company providing payment processing software. Their service is often used by ecommerce websites and mobile applications.


For ecommerce businesses, Stripe is a common alternative to PayPal since it allows customers to pay with a variety of credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and more.

Perhaps, you might be interested in using Stripe as a payment processor for your dropshipping business now, but you ask if dropshipping is allowed on Stripe.

Does Stripe Allow Dropshipping?

One of the few things you must consider when selecting a payment provider is if it supports dropshipping.

Moreover, if a payment provider does not support dropshipping, signing up your business with such a provider will only lead to a lot of headaches!

Stripe accepts dropshipping if your business is located outside of the Asia-Pacific region. In that case, Stripe considers your business to be relatively lower-risk and will offer you their services. For instance, if your business is based in the US or the UK, Stripe will allow dropshipping.

Since we featured Stripe in our list of the best payment gateways for dropshipping stores, we contacted them and requested for clarification around this topic.

Their reply was very long, so we will summarize it below:

To start with, Stripe mentioned that they can’t support enterprises in Asia-Pacific countries (APAC), as such businesses are tagged as risky and have a higher chance of receiving more chargebacks.

On the bright side, Stripe does support dropshipping businesses if they are located outside the APAC countries. The US and UK are the best examples of countries that Stripe can support.

To have mentioned that, having just a US or UK bank account is not enough to be supported by Stripe. To be accepted by Stripe, you will need to:

  • Have your business registered in a country outside the APAC
  • Have a bank account in that country
  • Have a legitimate address and phone number in that country
  • Operate your business from a country outside the APAC

If you are missing one or more of the aforementioned criteria, then Stripe is not for you or your dropshipping business. You should pick a different payment gateway.

Dropshipping With Stripe: How Much It Costs

How much does the use of Stripe as a dropshipping payment gateway costs? Well, the question can actually be answered pretty easily because Stripe makes use of a very transparent pricing model.

More so, you will definitely use Stripe the most for credit and debit card payments.

For such payments, Stripe charges the average industry rate of 2.9% + 30¢. If your customer is paying with an international card or if currency conversion is required, Stripe will charge 1% extra (2% extra for both).

For bank transfers, Stripe charges 0.8% with a $5 cap.

Finally, the pricing for additional payment methods will vary quite a bit but start at 80¢.

Stripe provides apps / extensions for the following ecommerce platforms:

  1. BigCommerce
  2. Big Cartel
  3. Ecwid
  4. Jumpseller
  5. WooCommerce [etc]

How Can You Avoid Getting Banned By Stripe?

Finally, we’ve arrived at this resource’s final question; how can one prevent getting banned or suspended by Stripe?

In order to guide you on how best to avoid experiencing getting banned by Stripe, we will provide you with some good practices to reduce the risk of getting suspended.

You will notice that it all point back to preventing chargebacks. When you receive many disputes and chargebacks, Stripe will tag you as a high-risk business and eventually ban or suspend you.

You must try to avoid such from happening to you

In addition, most tips in articles like “Using PayPal for Dropshipping: How to Not Get Banned” will also help to minimize your chances of getting banned by Stripe.

If you’re still looking for good dropshipping suppliers, making use of DROPAZZ gets you covered.


Well, those are the basic things you need to know before starting your dropshipping business with Stripe!

Should in case you still have questions concerning dropshipping with Stripe, do well to drop a comment below, and we will make sure to reply as fast as possible.

Recall that before making a definitive choice on a specific payment gateway, you must seek for alternatives and find out which payment method people in your target country most frequently use.