Growing Your Dropshipping Business With Social Media Marketing — What You Should Know

Growing Your Dropshipping Business With Social Media Marketing — What You Should Know

Launching your dropshipping store isn’t enough to keep buyers placing orders on your online store. There is also need for you to introduce a marketing strategy so as to get your store ahead of your competitors.

Growing Your Dropshipping Business With Social Media Marketing — What You Should Know
Growing Your Dropshipping Business With Social Media Marketing — What You Should Know

It may sound easy, but it isn’t. However, there are few tips that could assist in easing the process to some point.

In this resource today on Dropazz, we would be looking into the connection between Social Media Marketing and Dropshipping. How do one blend the duo in order to achieve massive sales? Well, if you are so eager to grab the knowledge, then keep reading.

First and foremost, what’s Social Media Marketing all about?

Social Media Marketing involves the act of the getting your Dropshipping store or any kind of online store or/and products promoted via social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are often used for social media marketing.

Inasmuch as social media marketing appears easier than it really is, there are different objectives that ought to be achieved uprightly so as to have or/and enjoy an effective social media marketing campaign. They include, but are not limited to:


When you talk about the objective of social media marketing, it’s quite crucial to sort out your objective before moving ahead. What do we mean by that? Very simple! You ought to know and understand the products or services that you’re wanting to advertise on social media platforms.

For instance, the things involved for a successful campaign, Whether you’re to promote the entire store, the particular category of products etc.

As soon as you conclude on which is which, your next big move is knowing your Targeted Customers. Who are they?

Targeted Customers

Instead of campaigning randomly before every user on the social media platforms (both those interested and not interested in your niche), you can try targeting a particular audience (those interested in your niche or products), as this would not only save you time, but resources too.


After getting to know much about what you’re willing to promote and whom the targeted audience are, then you are ready to get started with the entire marketing process. More so, having a big glimpse of what to do just before its implementation would however put you on great advantage.


Remember the saying “Content Is King?”. Yes, we just want to still let you know that when it comes to pushing sales to your Dropshipping store, Content Is Still King!

Content is the game changer in any marketing game. Why? Because it’s what attracts and keeps your potential customers engaged.

You can design your contents keeping the following crucial factors in mind:

Professional graphics —have your items photographed in a professional manner, because customers can judge your products on sight.

Product or store-related Information —you can also keep your social media platform informative by adding news related to your store, which in return, fetches you audience interested in your store. Such audience possess a greater converting chance, as they are found highly interested in what your store has to offer.

Pay-per-click (PPC) —is the simplest way of promotion on social media, all that’s required of you is just to conclude on which product needs to get advertised together with the targeted customers, other factors are handled by the social media platform. This facilitates a faster delivery of your promotion to prospective buyers.

Now, lets look at how to grow your dropshipping store with social media marketing on the 3 most popular social media platforms [Instagram, Facebook and Twitter].

Instagram Marketing

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is more of a visual (picture/video) marketing platform. You could use this as an advantage to reach out to some valuable buyers even without running a paid advertisement.

In addition, influencers on Instagram can assist you in promoting your product just by recommending it to their fan base.

Facebook Marketing

Since a vast majority of people use facebook, acquiring relevant traffic is not that hard. While using the Facebook platform, you can create a brand page as well as maximize their paid promotion campaign feature to promote your dropshipping product on Facebook.

Twitter Marketing

The Twitter platform could be used as a broadcasting medium for your marketing campaign. Having your store or Dropshipping product(s) promoted on twitter can simply be done by using tweets on twitter that aids in reaching a wide range of audiences. Furthermore, twitter offers statistics for each tweet which can come in handy in developing a strategy.

In summary, having your Dropshipping store or products marketed on social media platforms can be as rewarding as the rest of the methods, provided it’s done appropriately. To get started, we strongly advise that as a dropshipper, you should do a proper research on the various platforms in order to understand the tricks that work on them. After conducting such research and mastering them, achieving results from them becomes easier.