Handling Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers—A Must Know

Handling Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers — A Must Know

Lets say you’ve launched your online store based on the dropshipping business model, not just that, but also with multiple suppliers. And you don’t know the best way to handle shipping from both of suppliers or even further explain the situation to your customers.

Handling Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers—A Must Know
Handling Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers—A Must Know

In this resource today, we at Dropazz will show you how to go about it, all you do is just keep on reading.

So, lets get started!

Lets take for instance, you’re into shipping of iPhones and Pixel phones. Well, in most cases, iPhones are shipping from Apple and the Pixel phones are shipping from Google.

So, a customer places order for one of them. What happens? It’s simple right? The customer gets two different packages on different days, or possibly on the same day.

How Bad Is It For A Customer To Get Various Packages At Different Times?

Well, in 2021, it isn’t bad. Not at all!

You might be asking what we mean by that. It’s no news that customers are becoming accustomed to receiving multiple packages, most times on different days.

Again, take for instance that you were asked to purchase one of each of the controllers below from eBay:

Handling Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers—A Must Know
Handling Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers—A Must Know

And you are to get one on the 29th of May and the other on the 3rd of June. You’ve got nothing else to do other than wait. Why? Because they’ve set customer expectations. So, they are in a better position to alert you on when your products will be received.

You might not be capable of setting such precise shipping schedule, but you can set clear expectations for them.

Effectives Ways Of Setting Appropriate Customer Expectations

  • Use A Plugin To Specify Shipping Schedule:

Dropazz, Shopify have Plugins that will make your dropshipping easier. Try out a Plugin that can enable you set Estimated Delivery Dates.

Afterwards, set such dates on your products depending upon the product’s supplier turnaround time. When your client enters their zip code, it will show them the expected arrival date of the product. More so, ensure that the tracking information for each item is sent separately.

  • Forward Tracking Information Separately:

The most simple way of ensuring that customers understand when their packages will arrive is to make sure that you are sending tracking information separately. Never forward a tracking number for multiple products if they are not being shipped together.

Handling Shipping Costs

This is yet but another common question when shipping from different suppliers. Obviously, if your products are not coming from the same place, they cannot be consolidated into a shipment.

Therefore, you might end up making more expenses only on shipping than you would otherwise.

For surety, this is something you should try working into your pricing system.

At BIC–by–Degenius [Billionaires Internet Citizens], we often recommend that our students provide free shipping on each product and incorporate that cost into the price of the item.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re shipping 13 products from 13 different suppliers. Your expenses are covered.

The major thing is that you’re clear with your customers on when and how they are to get their products.

This will further promote a healthier and honest relationship that will turn one-time customers into returning customers.

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