How To Boost Your Store Sales Through Storytelling

How To Boost Your Store Sales Through Storytelling

Storytelling is proven to be one of the effective ways one can humanize his/her business, brand or company, making it quite relatable for consumers. If your store is only about selling and earning profits, people are likely to catch on swiftly.

How To Boost Your Store Sales Through Storytelling
How To Boost Your Store Sales Through Storytelling

Nowadays, buyers want to hear the story behind your business. It’s not often enough to offer a high-quality item.

Therefore, in this resource on Dropazz, we would be discussing on how to boost your store sales or marketing by telling your story.

Telling a concrete story behind your business will encourage consumers to memories your brand, products, and mission. It can further help you relate to your target market in ways that common selling can’t.

The following below are some simple ways you can boost your sales via storytelling:

Using Storytelling in Your Email Marketing

Your email marketing content doesn’t have to be generic, boring, and a pain to read. The truth is that a lot of subscribers won’t read more than 15 seconds of your content because it’s dry; doesn’t captivate them, doesn’t grip them or/and make them want to keep reading. Therefore, they skim.

By introducing storytelling into the blog section of your store or/and even your email marketing strategy, you will be connecting with your clients rather than just selling to them.

Beef Up Your Story Or About Page

When a client visits your online store as a first-timer, he/she isn’t quite familiar with your brand. They might even never heard of you, what your business stands for nor what you do.

Many ecommerce or dropshipping stores fall for same mistake of easily going for the coupon-incentive sale, however some shoppers aren’t sold on that. You might get a 1-2 percent conversion rate, but that never builds customer loyalty. Buyers are not eager to purchase from you simply because you provide an item that dozens of other competitors also do. So, What special about you? What’s your story?

The act of turning potential customers to active buyers starts with sharing your brand & its Mission. And the best way to do that is through your “Story Or About Us Page”.

Such page remains your opportunity to show new visitors why your online store is something they should support.

Consider adding the following details as part of your brand story:

  1. Your brand aims and mission
  2. The materials you use and why they are crucial
  3. Compelling or inspiring background about the brand formation
  4. Any local community or charity you support
  5. How your brand uplifts its customers and employees

Launch Campaigns With A Purpose

A good percentage of consumers like it when brands take a stand on an issue they worry them. Consumers desire to connect with companies that mirror their personality and goals, not just faceless brands looking to drive profits.

Most interestingly, the recent and coming generations are aware of causes and are starting to support companies that take stands, ditching those that don’t.


Storytelling is very crucial than ever when it boils down to building a relationship with customers. Clients want to invest in companies that fit their lifestyle, their story, and their own story. Therefore, regardless of whether you are dropshipping, bootstrapping your online business or even selling on Amazon, now is the best time to maximize storytelling.