How To Create SEO-friendly Store Content That Converts

How To Create SEO-friendly Store Content That Converts

We all believe that content is king, but what effort are we putting in to ensure that we maximize its benefits? In this resource on Dropazz, we will be looking into how you as an online store owner could create content that would give your sales a boost.

How To Create SEO-friendly Store Content That Converts
How To Create SEO-friendly Store Content That Converts

Content is quite crucial in the strategic development of an online store. It can enable you attract more customers by creating a strong SEO foundation, building a cohesive business and giving your online store an established appearance.

Well, content doesn’t stop there. Furthermore, it could be your best salesperson. In ecommerce businesses, you don’t have a particular chance to answer customers’ queries like you would with a brick and mortar. However, if you write a helpful and compelling content for your shoppers, your content will bring sales for you.

Now, lets get down to the business of the day; how can you create SEO-friendly store content that converts?

To achieve such mission, it would be wise to observe the following basics of marketing:

Take Your Visitors Through The Aida Funnel

AIDA is a well-known model for creating effective messaging that sells. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Attention: Win Over Your Customers/Visitors’ Focus

Nowadays, there are much distractions on the internet, therefore it’s vital to get their undivided attention. This however involves creating eye-catching content that leaves them no option rather than to come back and read more. Always make use of captions that draws people’s attention and prove that it’s worthwhile to spend time and read more.

Desire: Explain To Your Clients The Importance Of Your Products And Why They Need

Will your products ever better their living? Outline how such product(s) would make that happen. Show them a glimpse of what their future is like with your products.

Action: End The Sale With Your Customer By Guiding Them On What To Do Next:

This may involve buying now, asking for more information or even joining your social communities. After you have told your visitors what to do, make it easy for them to do it.

Lets assume that you don’t want to focus on “AIDA” regardless of its importance, and you choose to pay attention to other conversion strategies. Inasmuch as there are various ways to use content to market your items, it is crucial to discover the right combination of these tactics for your customers.

The following below are other techniques for writing content with the ability to convert:

  • Address your customers’ concerns
  • Make your content the expert
  • Make use of content to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Go beyond on-page content
  • Communicate directly to the customer

By putting the aforementioned tactics into practice, you can add high-quality content to your online store and convert more customers.