How To Improve SEO For Your Dropshipping Store

How To Improve SEO For Your Dropshipping Store

Despite the kind of enterprise you venture into, the first thing you need to look into when you decide to build your business online is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How To Improve SEO For Your Dropshipping Store
How To Improve SEO For Your Dropshipping Store

When it’s about dropshipping businesses, you need to go beyond the basic SEO strategies to get higher ranks in search engines.

In this resource, we have outlined few tips for you that will assist you in improving your dropshipping business rankings, and they include the following:

Modify The Description Of Products

Duplicated content is a big ‘NO’ when dealing with SEO. To ensure your descriptions for the items are unique and different from other online shop marketing the same item, you need to modify the description and specification of the product as much as possible while highlighting the Unique Selling Point (USPs) of the item.

More so, when you compose your own specifications and descriptions, you can as well add keywords to the content which would enable you rank higher. Rewriting descriptions isn’t that difficult, however a lot of business owners have issues with specifications. Instead of just listing the specifications, it would be better to talk about them and showcase them in a unique way.

Therefore, writing your own content enables you have complete control over what you have on your dropshipping store, and when done properly you can actually boost your business in search engine rankings.

Have High-Quality /Unique Images On Your Online Store

Part of the biggest challenges of dropshippers when it comes to SEO is the fact that they mostly depend on datafeeds that online shops provide them. This shows that the items and overall inventory on their store is through an XML feed along with spreadsheets. Actually, you’re not the only online store that’s making use of such feed. And this means that the content and pictures of the products on your store are not unique, since it’s being used on other online stores same way. At the end, it adversely affects your SEO as search engine crawlers flag your store as duplicated content.

Now, to improve your ranking, you could begin by taking images of the item yourself (i.e Owning unique pictures of the item) and saving the images with an entirely unique name.

Have Relevant Content On Your Online Store

Having vital content on each page of your store is necessary, but it doesn’t mean you write about irrelevant things. The content should be about the page. For instance, if it’s a category page on your store or a product page, describe the category or item. Make the description crucial for customers, this would eventually better your SEO rankings.

Furthermore, it is recommended the content be anywhere from 350 to 500 words to attain better SEO content rankings. Not just that, it also should be very useful and informative for your customers.

Have Quality Backlinks That Direct To Your Website

In case you’re not informed, Backlinks are a great way to boost SEO rankings. It is when your store link is posted on another website thereby permitting customers to visit your online store. Backlinks and the content of your website are for surety the two most crucial parts you need to focus on when you desire SEO.

However, nowadays, search engines have become very smart as it can hurt your store ranking when it detects that your backlinks are not natural. You need to ensure that the backlinks are organic else search engines will penalize your store.

Have High-Quality External Links On Your Store

Search engines value contents that are useful, relevant, and link to other relevant source. You can have a blog on your website that will give your customers information about the items you offer and also linking the content to even more useful information for your clients. This will not only enable your customers choose the item according to their desires but also provides them with all the necessary information they may need on it.

Once you’re dealing with SEO, external links on your store (as far as they’re or/and remain relevant) aid in boosting your store rankings. All you do is ensure you don’t add any external links on the product page. Why? Because the last thing you may need is for buyers to click on the link on that page and be directed away from the product.

Well, if you try and all fails or you’ve got no time to spend on working on content and doing other backend working on your store so as to enhance SEO, we have a solution for you. With a success rate of about 83% of stores or brand owners enhancing their rankings in just a month, the BIC by Dropazz team knows exactly what is required to enable your dropshipping business succeed. Therefore, if you desire to improve your online store rankings, feel free to contact us.