How To Increase Sales With Email Marketing — 6 Simple Tips

How To Increase Sales With Email Marketing — 6 Simple Tips

Online store owners face various problems that however need to be overcomed. Actually, one of the biggest problems they face is often sales. And an aspect of friction for brand CEOs usually includes email marketing, such as capturing the correct leads or not getting enough customer data.

How To Increase Sales With Email Marketing — 6 Simple Tips
How To Increase Sales With Email Marketing — 6 Simple Tips

In this resource on Dropazz, we would be revealing to you six (6) simple tips of using email marketing to make the most of your online store sales.

The following are the six (6) tips to increase online sales with email marketing:

Have An Irresistible Incentive To Get Customers To Subscribe To Your Email List

To begin your email marketing journey, you must first start acquiring leads. Well, there are various ways one can achieve this, but the most effective way is to award customers an appealing offer which they can’t afford to overlook or exit your online store without subscribing to your newsletter.

It’s up to you to decide on the most reasonable thing you could offer for free. You can consider offering a free shipping or even organizing giveaways or rather contests as your lead opt-in.

Create A Welcome Email Series

One of the most effective email marketing strategies to practice is creating a well designed and mobile-friendly welcome email series for new leads and subscribers.

Why is it important? It is important because it will always guide your leads through a nurture sequence that captivates them to place an order. More so, new customers usually don’t place an order immediately the visit your store. Therefore, it’s necessary to connect and communicate with them so that whenever they are ready to place an order for any item, they do that on your store.

A good welcome email series can include tips on how to use your item, or inspiration for when they shop your products. In addition, you could also tell customer stories or the mention the benefits your products.

Categorize Your Customers To Enhance Customization

Customized, or rather personalized email notifications is quite effective and more valuable to consumers than generalized content. There are different ways you can be relevant and hyper-personalized for your customers.

Apart from the common email marketing practices like using their first name or using a personalized subject line, you could also use historical data based on customers’ browsing history on your online store.

This is to say that you need to understand their fantasies in order to offer recommendations based on that. Group leads that haven’t order anything yet by gender, and offer tailored email recommendations with items that they may like.

Offer Exclusive Discounts Or/And Any Other Offer

You can go further to entice your subscribers by offering “subscriber-only” discounts and offers. This encourages customers to remain on your email list, especially when they’re aware that they will only have access to exclusive deals through email.

Set Up An Abandoned Cart Email Series

According to Statista, the average rate of online cart abandonment is about 85 per cent. This implies that 3/4 potential buyers would exit your online store without buying anything.

Luckily, there are different spectacular shopping cart plugins that can assist you in recovering these emails and sending an abandoned cart email to remind them about their incomplete purchase. These emails could help boost sales in the long-run. Research shows that the average conversion rate of abandoned cart emails is at 15%.

Share Customer Testimonials And Reviews

It is no longer surprising that customers trust or value other customers, even when they have not physically seen one another. In order to help you increase sales conversions, consider displaying customer testimonials or reviews in your email campaigns.

It’s wise to always showcase such reviews beneath a featured item, or use relevant quotes that tells the benefit your product has given past consumers.

In summary, email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to increase or push sales to an e-commerce store when done right. If you’re already using email marketing to boost your online store sales, feel free to share with us your experience so far, and if you’re not on ground with that yet, tell us why.