How To Increase Your Store Landing Page Conversion Rates — 5 Working Tips

How To Increase Your Store Landing Page Conversion Rates — 5 Working Tips

By now, you should know that having customers visit your online store can be quite very tiring, expensive, tedious, and above all extremely difficult. Even at that, its more difficult to see them exit without taking any kind of action.

How To Increase Your Store Landing Page Conversion Rates — 5 Working Tips
How To Increase Your Store Landing Page Conversion Rates — 5 Working Tips

Today, in this resource on dropazz, we will look at how to set up your page in such a way that would assure the maximum possible conversion rate, and they include:

Customer Service

Tons of buyers are loyal to huge box stores, even when they are not entirely satisfied. With so many eCommerce alternatives, why do they keep going back? Because they’ve developed trust on the big box online store customer service.

Always ensure that your customer knows that your online business provides terrific customer service. Show them equal guarantees they have come to expect from major retailers. That implies responsive support staff and an attitude of gratitude towards repeat customers.

Most importantly, Let your landing page enlighten your customers on what you’ll do to ensure their satisfaction. Make your site enticing by checking all or most of the following customer service boxes.

  1. 24/7 live chat
  2. Awards won
  3. Free returns
  4. Combined shipping
  5. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  6. Coupons or special offers
  7. Quality certifications (Better
  8. Business Bureau, ESRB)
  9. Visible phone number (and address, if applicable)

Inasmuch as the customer might not always be right, they still deserve to feel right anyway. A customer is more likely to try a new brand if they know you back your items with a return policy or warranty.

Learn To Follow Up

Lets assume that you’ve got a flashy landing page or/and a great content. How do you then take care of the dreaded abandoned carts?

Most times a buyer becomes frustrated or bewildered with your checkout. Other times, they forgot what they were doing. When your eCommerce store has abandoned carts, you need to follow up.

To enhance your landing page conversion rate, you need a way to follow up with your visitors. In order to achieve that, you need a custom pitch and a way to deliver that pitch(i.e you need a landing page email magnet and abandoned cart software).

Streamline Checkout

Did you know that one of the largest turn-away points for a potential buyer is in the checkout? Yes, that’s why it’s crucial to have a fast and easy checkout system for your online store. Streamline your checkout by allowing multiple payment kinds and prompting automatic account creation.

A lot of customers would appreciate it if your checkout support all major credit cards and alternative payment methods, like PayPal. Additionally, you could increase your client satisfaction by making provision of other options.

Visual Appeal

The landing page of your store is your first impression. Your assignment is to make it clear, eye-catching, and professional. Before a prospective buyer gets an opportunity to see your content or your items, they get to view your graphics.

It should display professionalism. Sleek, modern graphic design is an less-expensive way to enhance the feel and appearance of your online store. If your page doesn’t show value and quality, your visitor will close that tab and leave your store forever.

More so, you’ve got just a shot at making an impression. Therefore, the visual appeal of your online store ought to be a top priority.

Now, how can one convey professionalism with first impression? It’s simple! Ensure that the landing page design checks the following visual quality boxes:

  • Top-quality pictures free of pixelation
  • Cohesive color palette
  • Immediately visible product
  • Maximum three focus points
  • Obvious site navigation

Your online store should be attractive and easy to navigate. Ensure you do not clutter up your landing page while trying to make it visually appealing. This is because your beautiful page becomes meaningless when your customer cannot identify what they want quickly.

Account Creation

Client accounts are an excellent tool for email capture and targeted sales. Therefore, it is expedient to ensure that the process is quite simple and fast. As customers object to having to create an account. They would rather abandon their cart and never return if it becomes compulsory to create a login. So, supporting automatic account creation would give your guest a one-click option.

With one-click account creation, your customer is happy, and you get all the necessary sales information needed. Social media and email platforms like Google, Facebook, and Outlook provide automatic accounts.

However, even with linked accounts, many guests don’t fancy creating a login no matter what. Therefore, ensure that you’re offering guest checkout for those customers. Guest checkout is also an email capture point that won’t annoy your customer.

You can begin to boost your store landing page conversion rates with the aforementioned practices today. Are there other practices or ways of Increasing a store landing page conversion rates that you’ve tried? If yes, please feel free to share with us.