How To Sell And Make Your First Million In A Day — 2021

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If you want to make your first one million (N1m) cash for the entire year —2021 in a day, this resource will guide you on how to achieve such.

How To Sell And Make Your First Million In A Day — 2021
How To Sell And Make Your First Million In A Day — 2021

There are two steps to take in making this happen, and they are:

Knowing What You Want

The first step towards making this happen is getting to know what you really need, there are flashy things online, talked about by people that when you dive into that area or thing, you get to grow bigger, whereas there are also things that tend to appear flashy, but has nothing to benefit or profit from at the end.

For instance, you have a business where you sell shoes and you’re making N1,000 as profit. How many figures [i.e people you need to sell to] do you need in order to increase your gain? There’s need to know your figures, what you want, and how much you want.

Therefore, you need to craft your own skill set, otherwise, you might quit even after making your first income. The message here is that you GO FETCH CUSTOMERS.

Sales Strategy

The method in which you project your products matters. For you to make massive sales this year —2021, there must be a sales strategy on board to implement.

For instance, sometime last year —December 2020, we introduced a campaign where we encouraged our customers or/and potential customers via email and advertisements to subscribe to our e-mail list in order for them to be the first set to tryout our campaign offers.

Those who subscribed where getting 6 pieces of underwears in one pack for just $22, whereas some at $15 —promo prices. Guess what? Such strategy got us N3.2million heads-up profit.

In a nutshell, identify a working strategy, and put it into practice.

Furthermore, lets assume you want to earn N12m in a year, breaking it down, that should be N1m per month. All you need is to identify how much a particular product should cost in line with your target profit for the year, number of emails to be sent out for publicity.

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This 2021, until you’re able to Make massive sales even without Facebook adverts, you haven’t started yet.

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To wrap-up, you now know that to make your first million in a day in 2021 is 100 percent possible once you implement all of the above.

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