How To Write Hot-Selling Dropshipping Product Descriptions

Recently, online shopping has rapidly been on the rise. But, that doesn’t mean that online shops will have it simple. Of course, people have been shopping online more, however, we cannot ignore reduced spending on all non-essential products.

How To Write Hot-Selling Dropshipping Product Descriptions
How To Write Hot-Selling Dropshipping Product Descriptions

People might be surfing the internet more, but if you want them to purchase your items, you need to win them over. This is the reason you need high-quality or well-written product descriptions.

Compelling product descriptions will make your items worthy of customers’ attention and increase your conversions.

But, writing a product description is so much more than listing a product’s features.

Research made has proven that product listings with a product description had a 78% increase in conversions compared to those that just made use of the manufacturer’s specifications or trust badges.

This is to say that, to make a sale, you must desire a convincing copy that will captivate the consumers into clicking the “add to cart” button.

Furthermore, if you want your dropshipping products to be exceptional, do make use of the following writing tips when crafting product descriptions.

Collect All Vital Information From The Supplier

An incomplete item description will instantly drive away customers. If your product description leaves even a single essential question unanswered, you may lose a customer.

Now, who’s going to contact the customer service to get more information? Nobody, rather, they’ll simply move on and order an item some other place.

Ensure that you add all the important information that you can collect from the supplier’s specifications.

For instance, if you do sell apparel, demand for the size charts from the seller. Such simple addition can make a world of difference.

Check Product Descriptions On Other E-commerce Platforms

Making few research on the competition can reveal your opportunities for improvement.

Prior to penning down a product description for an item, open your browser. Look into descriptions of that product on Amazon, eBay etc and other notable platforms to see if you omitted any information.

Pay Attention To Reviews

Paying attention to customer reviews can unravel customers’ pain points and what the product description is missing. The competitors’ weak points can become your strong points.

All you simply need to do is to check out how the best dropshippers in your niche approach their product descriptions, and you can inspire some ideas. Revising competitors’ descriptions will enable you discover a strategy to distinguish yourself.

Adapt Writing Style And Tone For The Target Customers

Writing descriptions in a language style and tone of your targeted consumers will ensure that the descriptions are more appealing to them ā€”using Dropazz ensures that. More so, it will make your item descriptions unique.

Be indifferent about robotic language and generic descriptions. The value of the description is that it enables one to express oneself and charm consumers with original writing.

Provide Social Proof

Just few persons will give money to a stranger without anyone to vouch for them. How can you expect that consumers will purchase your products without any proof of credibility?

For surety, customer reviews have a significant impact on potential customers’ purchasing decisions. Definitely, 72% of consumersĀ won’t take any buying actions until they’ve read the reviews.

You must showcase testimonials of satisfied customers to make the description more trustworthy.

If consumers have to surf for reviews online, who knows if they will ever be back. They can get so caught up in hunting for testimonials that they may lose interest in your product.

What’s required of you is quite simple, just add reviews or testimonials from real customers that displays customers’ satisfaction with your products.

Express Benefits

An item description shouldn’t just be an outline of features. Not if you desire to sell more products. To boost your conversion rate, make use of the product description to offer a solution to your customers’ problems, desires, and needs.

Elaborate the reason your product is worth purchasing. Give potential customers a good head on why they need to give that product a try.

Without a product description that promises a solution, consumers will not have enough reason to buy that product.

Relying on specifications alone wouldn’t aid you in sealing the deal that easily. However, painting a bigger picture of a better life or happiness that your products offer can.


Simply adhere to these guidelines and write attention-grabbing item descriptions that will sell your dropshipping products.Ā More so, if you strategically put into practice these tips, you can craft a product description that consumers won’t be able to ignore.