Is Dropshipping Legal In Nigeria

Is Dropshipping Legal In Nigeria?

In my discussion on dropshipping in Nigeria, I mentioned the fact that this business idea is an offshoot of ecommerce in Nigeria. I urge you to read the article: ā€œunderstanding dropshipping in Nigeria,ā€ for more clarity.

Is Dropshipping Legal In Nigeria
Is Dropshipping Legal In Nigeria?

Any Nigerian with internet awareness will understand that ecommerce is an all-encompassing technology where social media marketing is an integral part.

As an endorsement of ecommerce activity, you will find government functionaries and agencies on social media. They are there to sell their businesses to the people.

This opening is essential to show you why dropshipping is legal in Nigeria. The president of Nigeria is on twitter and Facebook; ditto security agencies including the Nigeria police, the army, air force and the Nigeria Navy.

From the advent of eBay and Amazon, Nigerians have been buying products and services from the platforms. In recent times, there are more Nigerian activities on Aliexpress, and yoursā€™ truly was one of the early birds importing electronics and computer gadgets from Aliexpress.

I think the question to ask is not the legality of dropshipping in Nigeria but rather the viability for those wanting to start dropshipping business.

Why Is Dropshipping Legal In Nigeria?

Nigeria currently has more than 100 million internet users. The number of Facebook users in Nigeria is over 20 million subscribers, and it is projected to reach over 30 million by 2023. From a few dropshipping outlets in 2012, there are more today, and more are still making moves to serve the country.

If you current on social media, especially on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you will find more young Nigerians going into mini importation, affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing and dropshipping.

Internet Connectivity

The Nigerian communication commission, the regulatory agency in Nigeria, is responsive to improved data services. This move is part of government efforts to ensure the right environment for ecommerce and other internet-based activities. The banking system now offers improved financial services for online transactions.

And more internet service providers are being licensed to serve the growth of ecommerce, which ultimately boosts the Dropshiping business in the country.

Are You Ready To Leverage Dropshipping For Employment?

Dropshipping in Nigeria offers a more promising future for young people looking for legitimate income to escape unemployment.

The opportunity presented by dropshipping in Nigeria is a global economic opportunity.

In Summary,

Let me assure you that dropshipping is legal in Nigeria. If you are considering starting the business, there is no better time than now.

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Dropshipping in Nigeria offers the opportunity to sell to customers anywhere in the world.