Kinds Of Winning Digital Products And How To Create Them

Kinds Of Winning Digital Products And How To Create Them

There’s more to making money than putting up some banner advertisements or accepting sponsored content on your blog. These tactics are effective, but people are rapidly turning a blind eye to sponsored contents and advertisements.

Kinds Of Winning Digital Products And How To Create Them
Kinds Of Winning Digital Products And How To Create Them

This is why you need to change your tactics, and providing digital products is a better alternative.

In order to create and market digital products, you need to think of the skillset you have and how you can re-brand such as an online course.

Lets take for instance, if you are into web designing, you can sell templates, or if you’re an expert in any field, people would be so eager to pay you for coaching them and for the high-level content you can create.

A digital product can be said to be an attractive value proposition, as they can be easily saved on a user’s computer with no additional cost regardless of how many extra units you decide to market.

Kinds Of Winning Digital Products You Can Create

Audio Products:

Audio products can be podcasts or audio courses. The most chilling part about this form of digital product is that your audience can listen to audio while engaged in other activities.

However, creating an Audio product has an initial startup cost of a microphone and other equipment. Aside that, no extra costs.

Written Products:

The primary form of digital products is text-based, such as whitepapers, ebooks, and reports. The interesting part of this kind of digital product is that you can actually outsource the entire content creation. It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at writing. The most crucial thing there is the knowledge you’re able to share, therefore you can work with a writer to get your information across.

Video Products:

Inasmuch as creating videos can be seen as a difficult task, video courses and webinars have a great perceived value. All that’s required is a recorder and mic, as a camera isn’t compulsory. You can actually create a PowerPoint presentation with screen recording combined with audio coming from you buttressing the various facts.

How To Create Winning Digital Products — The Key Things Involved

Begin with a good niche:

Before you even think of creating a digital product, you first need to understand what product to create. To do so, it’s important to begin by picking a great niche.

There are different niches with profit written all over them. Choosing a good course idea isn’t possible without undergoing a good market research. Market research should however identify the demand for the product and also tell whether there’s or can be any digital demand for your concept. In addition, it should uncover the market size of the audience together with its search volumes.

At this stage, you can worry about which tools to use:

  • For the creation of landing pages
  • How to gather email addresses and other customer data
  • How to accept online payments from customers [and]
  • How to market to them

Researching ideas for a winning product:

Recall that previously, we talked about the necessity of validating ideas. This phase covers market research and validation in greater depth. Ultimately, the product should be able to solve a problem. If the problem is big enough, then your course (digital product) can be on high demand. Identifying such winning concepts is only possible when you subject yourself to more research!

Creating the product:

It’s quite vital to stick to one or two types of product type, which could be written, audio or video, as there are digital products that have both pdf files and video put together.

Audio products —a podcast or audio product is also very simple to create, as there are various ways to make use of audio. It could be either be in form of a recording, podcast etc.

Written products —a written product is quite simple. All that’s required is a space to type and create the pdf file. More so, the pdf can be transformed to an eBook or whitepaper.

Video products —video products can be intimidating or rather sophisticated to create due to the fact that you need to record yourself on camera. However, that’s not always the case. You can actually stay behind the camera, recording your voice and letting the screen capture doing the explaining for you.

Just like with any business, it can be quite challenging to create or/and market your digital products. But, by giving yourself to proper research and developing a concrete plan, you can achieve it.