Latest Lead Generation Template For Single Product Landing Page

The Landing Pages add-on comprises several templates you can use to give your dropshipping store a spectacular boost.

Lead Generation Template of Landing Pages
Lead Generation Template of Landing Pages

One dominant feature is that the Lead Generation template, will not only let you make the sale, however, you would also acquire buyers’ contact information for future purposes in marketing campaigns.

Whichever way, think about a situation whereby someone visits your online store, such user surfs the category pages, opens a few product pages, stares at the images, reads customer review and then leaves. Imagine!

Will such a site visitor turn to become your customer? Well, perhaps, when such a person leaves some contact information before exiting. In this case, you still have a chance to get this user back and convert him or her into an active buyer.

In digital marketing, contacts received from potential customers are called leads. Some marketers refer to leads as people who show interest in your product and contact you to learn more. The act of acquiring leads (their phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) Is tagged “lead generation”.

While lead generation is a process of advertising, it varies from a standard advertisement, in that you gather the contact information of those who click on ads.

For surety, it would be great if your business could convert people into buyers just straight away. But unfortunately, in real life, most people don’t buy anything when they visit your site for the first time.

So, lead generation is crucial for your business for so many reasons, namely:

Leads Are Quite Simpler To Convert:

A lead is not a buyer yet, nether could it be a random person who has no idea about your offer. For instance, if you launch an advertisement that promises to solve a particular problem, a large number of persons that are going to view this advertisement may just ignore it.

But those who click on it and give you their emails are probably concerned with this problem.

So, they’re interested in your solution, which makes them much closer to placing an order. In other words, leads shows a higher conversion rate.

Leads Never Disappear:

Just as we’ve already outlined, if a regular site visitor leaves, you may never be able to reach him or her again. At least, unless this person decides to come back. But a lead is still there.

So far as you have the person’s email address, you have at least a few chances to convert him or her.

Leads Could Convert Continuously:

After leads turn to buying customers, you still have their contact information. So, depending on what kind of business or products you have, you can contact them again to offer something new, thus turning them into regular buyers.

Lead Generation Template For Single Product Pages

To generate leads, online businesses use sign-up form builders. Such tools add a box to your webpage where website visitors can leave their emails in exchange for an incentive. DROPAZZ takes it a step further.

Instead of adding a contact form to a page, you can create a landing page completely dedicated to a particular product.

Our Landing Pages add-on lets you turn any regular product page into a landing page without having to employe a professional developer. You can choose any of its customizable templates depending on your objective.

And if your objective is to collect leads, then go for the Lead Generation template.

With a single product, you are only required to focus on a relatively narrow audience featuring clear interests. It’s easier and more efficient than targeting an audience who could be interested in a whole range of related goods.

Using a landing page template is a nice idea if you’re demonstrating with a new product or if this item differs from the rest of your offers.

Site visitors won’t get bewildered by such a difference because they will land on a stand-alone page.

Landing pages are great for promoting limited-time offers.

Additionally, the Lead Generation template lets you connect the call to action button to your Getresponse account.

How To Create Lead-Generating Landing Pages?


While this landing page template can generate leads and collect customers’ contact information, it also functions as a product page and can generate sales as well. So, you don’t have to choose between these two objectives.

With the Lead Generation template built with Dropazz’s Landing Pages add-on, you can not only focus buyers’ attention on a single product, but also generate leads and increase the quality of your marketing efforts.