Niche Store or General Store Which is Better for Dropshipping?

Firstly, What Is Niche Store?

Niche stores are basically any brand that is focused on a layer of a broad industry of many products.

Consider this like a single branch of a tree that holds other branches. The tree itself in ecommerce we call it industry, and the branch we call a NICHE.

Any product line that you consider yourself good at that is based on a particular market group or subgroup is a NICHE.


Now to the question, what is a niche store?Ā 

Any ecommerce store that is based on one particular branch of product line is called NICHE STORE.Ā 

Example,Ā adidasĀ is originally known for shoe sport wears. Even though they could becomeĀ amazonĀ selling everything under the sun. In fact, amazon was once a niche brand focusing on books.

When you sell shoes (which can include; men shoes, women shoes, children shoes), you are considered a shoe brand. Thereby someone who operates a niche store.


General Store

General stores in ecommerce simply means dealing on not just a brand of an industry but dealing with multiple niche products in same or many industries.Ā 

Example of this is amazon of today, jumia and many ecommerce platforms online.Ā 

Why is niche store better?

In dropshipping there’s definitely a professional way to do things, one of those ways is by becoming a brand that deal on a particular business line or product niche.

Here are the reasons why niche store is highly recommended and always will be better than general store especially for newbies:

1. Price advantage

Every customer wants to believe or see that they are dealing with whole sellers who can help them save huge on product costs. They simply see you as someone who will have best of price because they see a lot of same product type in store.Ā 

Customers will rather go to shoe store to buy shoes than go to a boutique selling all kinds of products than shoes, just because they feel they will get good deal from a single shoe store.

2. Professionalism

Every buyer tries to deal with any business that is seen as top in the market. A niche brand instantly enjoys this privilege because they are focused to a product which gives them more knowledge advantage, which in turn is interpreted as PROFESSIONAL.

3. Less Confusing

Scientists did a survey recently with 50,000 websites trying to measure how much of distraction happen from moment of website visit to exit. And they discovered that in the 50,000 survey only aboutĀ 4% lasted more than 10 minutes.Ā 

There are too many things distracting people while they are online, don’t add to that by giving them too many options to choose from, and thereby increasing bounce rate which in turn becomes zero visit.Ā 

In fact, if you can point your customers to a funnel web page that explains and sells only a single product, your chances of sales will go through the roof.Ā 


4. Consulting and DiversificationĀ 

Only a niche brand owner can tap into other industries like education using digital products or offering consulting service to his/her customers.Ā 

The reason is simple, customers already know him or her as professional on this field and can easily want to buy courses to help them start or ask for consulting time. Which is extra income for the niche business owner.

5. Bulk Sales

It is only a niche droshipping business owner that can boldly sell products in bulk and customers will believe. General stores are just known for retail, but niche store owners can decide to shift from retail to wholesale by selling with minimum order quantity (MOQ).



Of course you can decide to start with a niche store, and one day add more and more product lines. Just like amazon and adidas did.Ā 

But, at that stage it is now about duplicating your success because you now have the huge marketing, sales and team experience.

Feel free to leave a comment below, even if you disagree.Ā 

Written by DeGenius

Written by DeGenius

CEO Dropazz