Starting Your Business Online In 30 Minutes

Starting Your Online Business In 30 Minutes — Power Of Dropshipping



Starting Your Business Online In 30 Minutes
Starting Your Business Online In 30 Minutes

This 2021, the one thing that’s sure is that businesses are wanting to go Digital!

Whichever thoughts you’ve got for your company this year, we believe that starting your own e-commerce business and marketing products online could be the very answer you need. In this resource, you will learn why dropshipping is the most cost-effective, affordable and least energy-consuming way to give it a start!

In order to explore the step-by-step procedures involved in starting an online business, we put together the following:

  • 6 Easy Steps Required To Launch Your Online Store
  • Why Choose Dropazz by Degenius
  • Dropshipping FAQ

6 Easy Steps Required To Launch Your Online Store


Purchase A Domain:

Many a times, for the first time, when thinking to start or create a website, a lot of businesses have no clue on what a domain is, and its important.

However, to explain it, lets simply say that a domain name is the unique address of your website, it is unique because there can’t be two of it on the web space.

For instance, the domain name of our website is dropazz.com (an extension under degenius.com), and it is the only one of its kind.

More so, to purchase a domain name, you can visit websites such as Namecheap, upperlinks, Whogohost etc for instance. Type a desired domain name in the search box and click the search button.

If your choosen domain name is already taken, don’t get sad, as you would get a list of available alternatives.

Find A Good hosting Provider:

Just after buying a domain name for your online store, you need a hosting provider that could host your website or online business on the Internet without any technical issues.

In a bid to ensure your dropshipping website/online store accessible to other people on the Internet, its necessary to buy storage space on a server. Now, such storage space is called hosting. Furthermore, a company that offers you a hosting is called a Hosting Provider.

As you have asked yourself, “how and where do I find a hosting provider?”

You can find a hosting provider on the Internet. Lucky you, almost same domain registrars like Namecheap, Upperlinks, Whoghost as earlier mentioned offer both domain and hosting services.

In addition, before purchasing a hosting plan, make sure it meets dropshipping / online store system requirements!

Install WordPress:

Just after obtaining a domain and host for your online business / dropshipping store, it’s time to build your website. For this course, you need to install WordPress on your hosting.

What is a WordPress? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables business owners to build, launch and manage their online business, store or website with little or no technical/programming knowledge.

WordPress is absolutely free and can be easily downloaded from the official website (WordPress.org) or via your hosting panel.

Choosing A Better/Compatible Theme For Your Online Store:

Ones website theme determines the website appearance. This is to say that when you choose a theme, you determine the design of your website.

There are many beautiful, but yet free themes that have great customization options. Once you’ve chosen/Installed a theme compatible with your dropshipping website, go to your WordPress panel, search for the Appearance button and click Themes. In an opened window, look for the “Add New button”, select the installed theme and activate it.

For example Let’s say, you have installed the Andy Warhol theme. In this case, your store will look something similar to this:

Online Business Dropshipping Andy Warhol Theme
Now, after successfully installing and activating the theme on your dropshipping/online store wordpress dashboard, you can go ahead to customize it to your taste to make it memorable and unique.

Set Up Your Online Store SEO:

Above all, your dropshipping store must be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly. To achieve this, you could choose either Rank Math SEO or Yoast SEO Plugins; they both are the best as of now.

Does SEO really matter? Yes, it does! It’s very important for an ecommerce business, as it drives more traffic to your website and improves your website performance and searchability.

Why Choose Dropazz?


Unlike other dropshipping model automations/suppliers, Automation has the most sophisticated, yet unique Software For Automation.

With Dropazz, you get hot selling admin handpicked filtered products, import by clicking button, SELL and keep 100% PROFITS. All AUTOMATED!

What’s more? Not so sure on how or where to begin? Relax! You could also GET TRAINED.

We have complete lay man easy to follow step by step training sold for N54,000, BUT! you can get them ALL FREE on this dropazz Launch Season

That’s not all! with dropazz, you could also enjoy simplicity with our Extra Chrome Extension For FREE

Yes, you can import products, manage inventory and fulfill orders automatically with our extra added chrome extension software 100% FREE.

Once a customer(s) places an order for a product, you will be able to fulfill their order in your online store with the aid of Dropazz extensions/software installed on your store control region (dashboard).

Luckily, Dropazz automates this process.

The only thing you’re required to do as the online store owner is to ensure that the details are accurate and click the “‘order”’ button. Upon a successful click, the order is then processed and delivered directly from the Dropazz supplier to the buyer/ customer; irrespective of buyer’s location.

Dropshipping FAQ

Dropazz Dropshipping FAQ


1. Please, Do You Do Shipping…? How Long Does Your Delivery Time Take?

No, DROPAZZ only develops and sells software for dropshipping and creates ready-to-go dropshipping stores for our clients. So, we don’t produce, stock, or ship any products ourselves!

However, if you are inquiring about our plugins or add-ons, you will get them shortly after making a purchase.

2. Can I Import Products From Other Websites?

No, you can’t, as Dropazz software/automation is developed to dropship products from Degenius only.

3. What Kind Of Profit Do I Stand To Gain With Dropazz?

It will interest you to know that there are amazing and no limit to the things you stand to gain while using Dropazz by Degenius, as your profits solely depend on your effort.

Congratulations! You could start making your first 6 figures off your online store this 2021 with Dropazz.

Enjoy Dropazz today, together with its affordability in Pricing starting from $20 // N8,500 per month. It’s 2021, and it’s time to DROPAZZ your online store like a boss. Choose and register any plan of your choice now!