Top 5 Dropshipping Niches To Overlook — Beginner Guide

When trying to begin dropshipping, it’s crucial to identify which dropshipping niches you should avoid. In this resource, we have outlined the top 5 dropshipping niches that you should probably avoid as a beginner.

Top 5 Dropshipping Niches To Overlook — Beginner Guide.jpg
Top 5 Dropshipping Niches To Overlook — Beginner Guide.jpg

The include the following below:


Selling watches is perhaps, the biggest mistake beginners make when it comes to selecting their first dropshipping niche.

When you’re a newbie to dropshipping, you would have a general idea that watches are often very expensive items. You start searching on DROPAZZ for your first dropshipping product, and you will probably come across thousands of different watches that you could buy for just a few dollars.

Well, the most common thought after citing all those cheap watches is:

“Wonders!, I can buy this watch for just $5! Brands like Rolex are selling many watches for thousands of dollars per piece. Surely, I can make my own luxury brand and sell tons of these watches for a much lower price!”

Unfortunately, in some cases, most dropshipping stores fail because of several reasons;

One of them is the fact that the market is extremely saturated. You will have a lot of competition not only from big watch brands but from a lot of dropshipping stores as well.

Furthermore, successful luxury watch brands like Rolex often have millions of dollars of marketing budget, a rich brand history, and excellent quality watches. Three factors which give their watches a certain “status” which your new dropshipping store won’t have.


Shocking? Yea, the reason why the clothing niche should also be overlooked by newbies is similar to the watches niche above; you will get lots of refunds!

The reason for this is that many customers would order the wrong size, or even worse order multiple and return all but one. In addition, it is hard to visualize how the clothing will look on yourself just from a picture on the internet. Therefore, most times, people will be disappointed by the real-life look of the clothing piece and ask for a refund.

According to CNBC, you should expect a return rate as high as 30 to 40 percent! 

However, since you’re dropshipping, you will not have a warehouse where you can store the refunded items, and since the delivery times for new clothing pieces will be long, it could be a nightmare for your clients.

Copyrighted Items

Copyrighted items are products that have been copied from a brand.

The reason why you should avoid these products at all costs is that you could land into big legal trouble if companies discover that you’ve been selling their copyrighted items without their consent.


Additionally, Facebook does not approve copyrighted items to be advertised on its platform. Therefore, your AD Manager account can be suspended upon detection.


Products in the health niche can range anywhere from consumable like vitamin and weight loss pills to cremes that promise to keep your skin in good condition.


Selling products in this niche is not advisable for newbies since you have to know for certain that your item can’t damage anyone in anyway. You are liable for the product that you sell and should, therefore, be extremely careful when trying to sell a product in the health niche, especially consumables.

Moreover, Facebook has extensive advertising policies about what is forbidden and what not.

Fragile Products

When selecting an item, bear in mind that it has to survive a 2 to 3-week journey across the world.

Selling a fragile item made from glass increases the chance that the item won’t survive the journey and will arrive at your customers’ address damaged or rather, broken.

It is quite possible to be profitable with these kinds of products, however, do keep in mind that you could have more refunds and furious customers, especially if your delivery times are long. That’s why this is another dropshipping niche to be overlooked for newbies.

Now, Imagine waiting 3 weeks for a product you bought on the internet, and it arrives broken. No, that’s not a great user experience!


There you have them. Those were the top 5 dropshipping niches you should avoid diving into if you’re a beginner.

After reading this resource, we do believe that you now have a better understanding of where to look out for when selecting your first dropshipping niche.

If you know niches [that weren’t mentioned in this resource] people should avoid when just beginning with dropshipping or if you’ve got questions regarding dropshipping, please do feel free to let us know by commenting below.

Above all, never forget that success takes time. So, keep improving each and every day!