Where To Sell Dropshipping Products Fast — 5 Working Strategies

Where To Sell Dropshipping Products Fast — 5 Working Strategies

Recently, social media is used for various kinds of activities, starting from catching up with your friends to updating oneself to what’s going on in the universe.

Where To Sell Dropshipping Products Fast — 5 Working Strategies
Where To Sell Dropshipping Products Fast — 5 Working Strategies

For enterprises/businesses, social media is quite a very powerful marketing tool that enables people connect to thousands of potential customers in their market, fellow players in the industry, and even influencers that can aid them in penetrating the market better.

In addition, e-commerce is no longer restricted to selling products from your website, as social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook have introduced tools to aid businesses sell products on social media. If you desire to make your products more readily available to your customers, selling directly via your social media pages is the best move to make.

That’s why In this resource, we would look into how to position and sell your dropshipping products on social media like Facebook, Instagram and other internet sales channels.

Now, lets get started!

Where To Sell Dropshipping Products Fast — The 5 Working Strategies

Selling On Facebook

As you know, Facebook is a great platform for connecting with audiences, but its capabilities has gone beyond creating a community around your brand.

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

With the increase in popularity of buying and selling online, Facebook have introduced various tools that have in one way or the other changed the game for e-commerce businesses. You might be asking “What’s the working strategy here?”. Yes, the working strategy here is the use of Facebook Ads and Boosts

  • Facebook Ads and Boosts

With the use of Facebook ads, you can channel your Dropshipping products or rather target them to a specific audience with direct links to your website so your audience can purchase your products. There are different kinds of Facebook ads, some of which enables you to advertise multiple products at once and include unique links to each product. Facebook ‘Boosts’ enables you to turn a post on your Facebook page into an advertisement. Boosting your post gives you the opportunity to add a button which links to your website so your customers can easily shop if they’re interested in the product in your ad.

Selling On Instagram

Of recent, the possibility of selling on Instagram has also gone beyond including a link to your website in your page bio.

Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads

How? The platform has proven a useful tool for brands to market their products with the capacity to display them in action with images and videos, Instagram has now made it actionable for users to shop as they scroll. We talking about the use of Instagram Advertising.

  • Instagram Ads

With a Facebook Ads Manager, you can actually set up ads for Instagram. Instagram ads are great if you desire to target a specific audience and direct them to your website to purchase a product, just like that of Facebook ads, but this time on the Instagram platform.

The advertisements would display in the Instagram feed as sponsored posts with a link button that directs customers to your website. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can also set up advertisement for Instagram Stories where customers can swipe up to purchase the product you’re advertising.

Selling On Google Via Google Ads (Formerly, Google AdWords)

Google adverts or advertisings are obviously everywhere. You can find them at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), especially when people surf certain keywords, like “how do I do this…,” just by the side of web pages and even in YouTube videos.

Google Ads
Google Ads

By leveraging Google Ads, you tend to put your Dropshipping products before people (or rather, potential customers) searching for such products. And to get started with this strategy, simply head over to google.com/ads, create your advertiser account and begin advertising!

Selling On YouTube

YouTube provides incredible opportunity to digital product sellers and content creators.

Selling On YouTube
Selling On YouTube

When it’s about selling your digital content(s) on the YouTube platform, it can be categorized into two major steps:

Driving traffic to your site
Getting people interested in the specific product you’re selling through your video content.

Fortunately, YouTube has a few other tools that allow for linking to external websites. When you’ve got a presence on YouTube, you have several options to place links to your store where you’re selling your products.

The following are the possible ways you can drive traffic to your website on YouTube:

Custom link on profile banners
YouTube cards
Links in description
YouTube end screens

  • YouTube Ads

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to have your own YouTube channel, but still choose to push your products on YouTube so as to make sales, you can just simply create a YouTube Advertising account as an advertiser and start advertising those dropshipping products of yours to the YouTube Community, to get started, all you need to do is visit YouTube.com/ads and adhere to the advertising guidelines/policy.

Finally, the fifth and most effective, special sales strategy and traffic strategy that is way much powerful, affordable and simpler than the four (4) strategies previously mentioned [Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, YouTube ads] with desired results can be found HERE.